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The Answer To Your Guitar Dreams

You have been searching for the perfect instrument for years. (You know, chasing the dream.) Guitars that look good, don’t always sound good. Many that sound good, leave a bit to be desired, aesthetically. Finding the exact look and feel you want for your ultimate guitar playing experience isn’t easy… until now.

Life is too short to deal with “off the rack” for something as personal and as important as the guitar you play. You don’t want your music to have a generic pre-packaged feel, so why would you want to play an “off-the-assembly-line” guitar?

You wouldn’t.

Welcome to Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars, the place where your dream guitar can come true!

Huffman Guitars Are Built To Order

Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars produces some of the best looking, best playing, best sounding guitars available. These gems are made by hand, one at a time, to your specifications. Perfectly balanced with sleek contours and classic lines, they offer awesome playability and tone.

If you need a guitar with classic tones or prefer a modern approach… you got it. Choose your favorite tone woods, electronics, hardware, and finishes for a custom-built guitar with a smooth, fast feel and a style made for comfortable play. So, are you ready to step up to a perfectly executed tone machine?

We thought so!

Need it Now?

Don’t have time to wait for a custom build? We’ve got you covered! Scotty Huffman keeps a few Ready to Ship Custom Guitar models on hand for just such situations.

Just Browsing?

Great! If you are still contemplating what constitutes your ideal guitar, call Scotty for a personal consult. Huffman Guitars is here to help you determine your needs based on your style of play and personal preferences.