Custom Guitar Builder

Meet Scotty Huffman, Custom Guitar Builder

Custom Guitar Builder, Scotty Huffman of Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars

Scotty Huffman, Owner and Artist of Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars.

The Early Years

Born in Kentucky in 1968, custom guitar builder Scotty Huffman’s biggest influences were his father and his two older brothers.

As he was growing up, Scotty’s father was a factory worker by night and an artist during the day (and on the weekends). His father had an automobile paint and body shop he ran as a hobby, a calling, and a second income. If anyone was ever looking for Mr. Huffman, it was always best to start the search out in the shop, where he was in his element.

Scotty looked up to his two older, guitar-playing, brothers. All three boys loved music from infancy. By age ten, Scotty was listening to the blues and had started idolizing blues rock artists. The day he turned 14, Scotty got his first guitar. That was a pivotal moment for him and he has played ever since.

With a father who could fix anything, it was natural for Scotty to learn to repair and worked on his own guitars. As he matured, his love of playing, repairing and customizing his own guitars wasn’t enough, even working on his friend’s guitars wasn’t enough. He wanted to do more…

In Honor of His Father

In 2006, when his dad passed away, Scotty continued the family tradition of working his fathers shop, with a few changes. Scotty revamped his father’s auto customization shop into a guitar shop where he started building and finishing custom guitars.

A year later he launched an eBay shop to develop his niche market of custom, aged guitar necks and bodies for fellow guitar fanatics who wanted to build their own guitars. His fledgling business grew… and soon he was selling his custom parts all over the world!

Huffman & Company Custom Guitars

A Headstock under construction and Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars

Headstock under construction.

Today, that tiny business has developed into a fully-equipped custom guitar shop that offers clients electric guitars with the look and feel they want and the quality they demand. Scotty’s guitar artistry is an undertaking built on experience and a genuine love of the craft of guitar making. He uses the finest tone woods, classic designs, and superior finishes for his guitar-loving customers and delivers superior instruments that play and feel like the finest guitars of the past.

Hand-Crafted One At a Time

Scotty prefers quality over quantity, just like you do. He does all the work on these Huffman Custom Guitars himself, by hand, and won’t put his name on anything that doesn’t meet his exacting standards. As a custom guitar builder, he knows that each guitar he makes for his customers is individual, each one is special, and each one should be handled with respect — from the first cut of wood to the final shine with a soft finishing cloth.

When you order a Huffman & Company Custom Guitar, you know it was built by hand and with the skill of Scotty Huffman himself. When you call to discuss your needs and how you want your guitar to be built, you are talking with the artist and the owner.