Boutique Guitars Ready to Ship

These boutique guitars can be yours. Each of these masterpieces is complete and ready to ship to you today! (Click on a Guitar for more information)

The Tuxedo, the flagship model of Huffman & Co. Boutique Guitars

The Blue Tuxedo

The Tuxedo Burst, another of our beautiful boutique guitars

The Tuxedo Burst

Surf Green Texas Standard Custom Guitar

Surf Green Texas Standard Custom Guitar

Custom Blonde Model T, a boutique guitar by Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars

Custom Blonde Model T

What is Boutique Guitar?

A boutique guitar is an instrument that is work of musical art. It is made in a small, artisan guitar shop by a master craftsman. Boutique guitars are made one at a time. They are hand-tuned to perfection instead of being generically tuned “within a certain range” in mass production factories.

Boutique guitars are loved from the very beginning, the wood is hand selected by the artist for its individual qualities. No two custom made, artisan guitars are exactly the same.

How Does Huffman & Co. Create Boutique Guitars?

In the same way a sculptor sees the sculpture within a block of solid marble, guitar artist Scotty Huffman sees a unique guitar waiting inside a natural slab of thick tone wood.  His pickups are hand-wound, rather than being used “off the shelf” and your boutique guitar will offer the best quality hardware, lacquer and details.

Scotty takes his time to make sure the fit and finish of each element is perfect. The final lines of the neck and body are worked in by hand. Your custom guitar will fit your natural grip, sit comfortably while you play, and will be as well-balanced as it is beautiful.

How Do I Get My Own Boutique Guitar?

Talk with Scotty about all the custom details to make your guitar a signature instrument — unlike any other in the world. Select your custom color or wood finish, the type of neck and fret board you want, and select your favorite materials for dots.  Imagine the guitar your heart desires and Scotty Huffman will make that dream a reality.