Vintage Finishes & Aging Guitars

Aged Pickups

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Do you dream of owning a vintage guitar, but don’t have the scratch to buy one? Guitar artist Scotty Huffman, founder of Huffman & Co. Custom Guitars, has been making the dream of owning a beautifully worn guitar come true with vintage finishes for his guitar-loving customers since 2007.

He’s Got the Touch

Scotty knows the importance of a gentle touch in the “vintage making” process for guitars. There’s no need to be too rough on your baby. Of course his methods and vintage finishes take a little longer, but perfection can’t be rushed. The end result is worth the extra effort, the extra time, and the extra attention to detail. Scotty retains the quality of sound and sturdy feel of your guitar while adding just enough natural wear and tear to give it the character you seek.

Why Vintage Finishes Are Better

The difference between a new guitar, compared to a perfectly aged finish by Huffman & Co., is the difference between wrestling yourself into a stiff, heavy new leather jacket, versus sliding into that butter-soft, well-worn, perfectly comfortable jacket that it has taken you years to break in just right. Scotty gives your vintage guitar dreams a kick-start and has the skill and talent to place the vintage wear in all the right places. Huffman & Co. will build you a superbly played-in work of art that will continue to improve and age naturally with use.

Professional Processes, Stellar Service

Don’t trust your instrument to someone who ages it in a way that diminishes it’s value as an instrument. Don’t let someone with a heavy-handed approach work over your guitar. Scotty knows guitars and he listens to you. Huffman & Co. gets it just right for your instrument, your personality, and your vision of how your guitar’s vintage finish should look and feel.

Building Your Own?

Scotty works with many aficionados who need a little outside assistance with properly aging their neck and body. He can provide virtually any color on the body so you can customize your color to your own individual tastes. He offers nitrocellulose lacquer (the exact same formulation used in the 1950s). The end result? Your guitar is a one-of-a-kind from start to finish.

Give Scotty a call to discuss your vision and let him help you make it a reality.